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<- Pooper Scooper
May 22, 2012
Maine, USA
This is just a funny story that I would like to share with my fellow chinchilla owners..
I had the girls out for their daily playtime, and today I decided to mix it up a bit and put them in the bathroom. Now, some people may find this weird, but instead of sitting on the floor while they romp around, I always lay in the bathtub (no water of course) with my computer, and phone and they just play around. Well today Willow was feeling rather frisky and decided she wanted to find away out of the room. She started jumping from the sink to a towel holder that was on the door, and would nibble at the lock. She gave up on that, because clearly it wasn't working. She then started jumping from the ground to the door (the little chinchilla wall jump that they do) and eventually popped it open while I wasn't paying attention, she then scampered out of the room and back in to my bedroom. I looked up and I noticed only 2 chins were in the bathroom, then I noticed the door was popped open! I jumped up to find baby will laying down on my bed, just like a dog would, and I just laughed, and decided to bring all the chins back into the bedroom, and we all cuddled on the bed together. (This was when my trio was getting along)