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Dec 21, 2016
This is a first for me, at least with my current chin. I scooped Diablo upfrom one of his platforms, as I often do, and usually I will get to hold him for a brief moment. Today, however, he decided to nuzzle up right under my chin and take a nap. It's the cutest thing.

Soooo jealous! The only time I can get Asa to even allow me to hold him for a second is at the end of playtime when he is too exhausted to fight about it.
Yeah. It only has been that one time for me. I can hold him for a minute to carry him to a safe play area but he will fidget a bit. I hope he is warming up to me more though. My first chin was a cuddlebug and would run up my arm and perch on my/my husband's shoulder. I miss that.
Now I am starting to wonder if he is doing this out of instinct. If there are more than one sharing a cage, don't they usually curl up together? So maybe he just wants a nap buddy.
My chinchilla likes to nuzzle into my elbow and lay across my arm and sleep. I wish he'd go up under my chin, the only time he goes to climb up there is when he's trying to jump over my shoulder and out of his cage :p

Very cute! I love when they're in a cuddly mood :)
Hm, that could possibly be the case but I see it as him starting to trust you. If you'd like to purchase a nap buddy, ChinChic sells Chin Buddies that are high quality, chin-like, and adorable! You can even choose the color (Standard, Tan, Black Velvet, etc. etc.).