Sisters fighting occasionally


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Sep 16, 2016

i have 2 female chinchillas that have been living together for around 3 years.
Occasionally i hear little scuffles in their cage and i ends up with one chasing the other one around the cage and eventually the one being chased hiding in the corner barking at her if she gets close and shooting pee.

This has happend probably 3-4 seperate times over the 3 years and i seperate them when the one hiding looks to stressed or i see fur fly. Sometimes it lasts a day or a few days and then they when i let them back in with each other it seems back to normal with them cuddling and being fine.

If anyone has experience with this or any tips that could help i would appreciate it. They live in a big 3 story critter nation and i have 2 of everything in the cage although they choose to exclusivly drink from one of the water bottles like werdios even though they are they same. I also have one other female chin living in the same room but different cage about 2 meters from their cage.


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