RIP Tseng... bye, little one.

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love my chins!
Dec 12, 2012
Tseng had adorable lopsided ears. He loved hay, so much that he hogged it from his cagemate. He would do anything for a cheerio except let you pet him. He threw hay all over the cage floor. He was nuts about alfalfa. Like every chin ever probably, he adored bathtime and would make a beeline for the bath house if I tapped it. He slept cuddled with Elena. Sometimes he would over groom her and she'd snip at him so he'd stop. He liked his hammock if it touched a shelf on the bottom, but wouldn't touch it if it was free hanging. His ears used to get really red when he wore himself out running around during playtime, back when he did serious running around during playtime. Lately he had been more laid back, spending his outside time munching hay off the floor and hopping around casually. I stuck some cheerio bits in this plastic ball and he went at it for quite a while the first time I did it... he actually got a piece or two out of the ball! I just have all these memories but I feel like I should have gotten so many more. Bye little buddy. You're missed already. I'll see you on the other side one day.
I'm so sorry that you lost your little buddy. Rest in peace sweet boy :angel8:
I hope they are waiting for us on the other side so we can see them again. Mu condolences, RIP Tseng