RIP Little ****er

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Mar 16, 2011
Harrisburg PA
He may not have been a chin, but he was still my pet for many years. He even lived in the same room as my chins (not together). And his partner was the one that saved my first kits life.

If you mods have an issue with the name then do what ever you have to. But that was his name.

Now a days i usually take in or rescue pets. Little ****er was the last one i think that i got from a store back in 08.  So he didnt already have a name. And we wernt having much luck in coming up with a suitable name. But as a little kid he was a toe bitter. So when we let him out he would run up when we wernt paying attention and bite our toes. Which resulted in a sudden' Ah! you little ****er!' lol And it just kinda stuck'


My ferret Little ****er has died tonight. He was about 7 years old. Ive had ferrets since i was a little kid and as far as i know he is the second longest living ferret ive had. Second only to my girl Zoey. Who, ironically, was his cage-mate and partner for many many years.

Other then his cataract in both eyes which left him mostly blind, he was always a physically healthy ferret. I thought for sure old age would get him one day. But I found him today completely unresponsive. Breathing, but that was about it. He couldn't even lift his head up.

Took him to an emergency vet earlier. They said his blood glucose level was around 20somthing. Normal is around 100something. And he was just short of going into a full blow coma from it.

Insulinoma. One thing i would have never guessed he would have. Not only being as healthy as he was for so long, but after i came home from my last funeral i found my other ferret, buddy, seizing and flailing about. It turned out he had insulinoma. He was able to recover and is now on medication daily for it. I didn't think it would hit Little ****er too. Much less that severe and that fast. He never showed the slightest signs or side effects of having a tumor.

Chances of him undergoing a very risky surgery, it being successful, and being able to recover, given how bad he got so fast, and his high age were beyond minimal. So the choice was made to euthanize him.

Picture of Little ****er this evening before we left...

Bless your heart baby thing. Sounds like your pet had a wonderful life living with you.

Our family is going through a shocker as well. Our loving kitty Peep was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. She looks wonderful and acts like any other kitty. But we know that will change in the months to come.

I think you feel like me. I wouldn't change a thing had I known the results of their life's end. Still would have adopted her. They make your lives so much richer having them around. And such a joy.

Hugs. Sorry for your loss.