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Mar 16, 2011
Harrisburg PA
Last Thursday i had to put poor Chico down. He wasnt rebounding from any of his issues. Irregardless of whether or not it was the root going into the eye socket or not, he was in pain. That much was certain. So i took him in and and him put down. He died 6:30pm 1/21/16.

Chico was my very first chinchilla. My brother showed up asking if i could watch him while they got settled from moving back to the state. That was around 2007-2008. And he never left my side since then. Of course when he asked, i had never even heard of a chinchilla before much less have a clue about them.

When he got to my place in a small temp cage, he was so stressed out and spastic it was unbelievable. He would freak out if anyone even walked near the cage, much less tried to interact with him. (And living with them, this came as no surprise.) But he calmed down over time. He became a very lovable chin. He loved having his stomic scratched. Tho i got the feeling sometimes that he wished it were lower. I remember when it was just Chico and me, and i would let him out to run he would often just sit perched on my hand. Some times he would even climb in my lap and fall asleep on me.

It was a real shame that Chico out lived his son Houdini. In fact most of Chico's symptoms started to be seen right after Houdini died. Chico is now only survived by his two daughters Sophia and Ameena, and there mother Sophie.


Chico on the top. Houdini on the bottom.