Rest In Peace Mazikeen

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Jul 15, 2021
Today my new baby died at the vet. She had been taken in for diarrhea because my husband gave her too many treats. On the first day there, she was already doing much better. She was supposed to be kept for 7 days at the vet for her medication administration and monitoring. She took her meds like a champ the entire time and was so well behaved. I even got to visit her and she was doing so much better. Full of life and energy, nice hard pellets, and loving that I was there. The vet has no idea what went wrong. However she did jump out of one of the technicians hands and they had to catch her and she was barking at them. So the vet thinks she may just have been too frightened. I will never know. I am so heartbroken because we had already bonded and she definitely liked me as she would just jump right into my hands as soon as I opened her habitat door. She even cuddled into my chest to greet me. I only had her with me for 6 days and now she’s gone. We really did have a bond that fast and now I’m just devastated. She didn’t get to live even part of her natural life span and I feel so bad. My husband didn’t know not to feed her that many treats, honestly he just wanted to spoil her and love on her. It was an honest mistake on his part and he meant no harm. And Mazikeen was better very quickly, they just wanted to keep an eye on her and make sure she got the full doses of her medicine. So it wasn’t my husband’s fault, not really. I miss her so much though. I’m not ready for a new chinchilla yet but in future I would like to adopt another. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good breeder in Wisconsin? Someone I could have good conversations with that takes very good care of their chinchillas. I think I may have went wrong by getting her from a pet store, but then if I hadn’t she might never had known any sort of love. So I’m kind of on the fence about pet stores vs breeders. I don’t think I can go through losing another one though like that. This is just awful. Sorry for the long post. The picture is my little Mazikeen. My poor little love.


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That's so sad!!! I'm so sorry got your loss. She is beautiful!! I hope your next chinchilla is just as lovely.