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Aug 11, 2016
Essex UK
Hi, since sadly losing Barney I decided to take on rescue chinchillas, I was recommended by my Vet to a local animal hospital and have since taken on a trio and 2 solos (although one didn't come from the hospital.

The trio have been with me almost 3 years and the the two solos more recent. They have play time everyday, cleaned everyday, and a great life.

One of the original trio has always been a tad feral, i invented a condition called 'fur ache' (this isn't real) but he would suffer from it if it did exist as he is quiet aggressive, im literally allowed to stroke him once per week.

Anyway im waffling about an inch about his tail and at about 10 o clock if you are facing him from behind he has a big lump of matted fur. I have seen someone has asked this recently, i have successfully trimmed part of this with scissors, however, its quite a deep mat and i can't get it all with scissors so wondered what everyone else suggests.

So basically how do you get rid of a larger mat that goes quiet deep
Unless you have someone that can hold the chin perfectly still I would suggest taking the chin to the vet to have the mat shaved out rather then you trying to cut it out with scissors too close to the skin. Another option is to use a comb to break it apart and tug it out, but if he is really aggressive about it and it really stresses him out the vet might be the best option.