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Feb 13, 2012
So I'm probably a moron but since I loved my double Ferret Nation for my chinchilla pair I thought it'd work fine for our little dwarf rabbit. The cage we got when we first got him hasn't worked out well so we were looking for a new solution. Now in just one level he seems to have enough space to meet space criteria we'd found online. However, he hasn't been able to make much use of the second level. He can actually get up and down the ramps with the fleece ramp covers on. He doesn't seem to have an issue getting up. The problem is once he gets up to the second level he can't get back down again. Anyone have any clever ideas how to rework this cage to be more appropriate for him? I've thought about just reselling it and calling it a botched experiment as well. Or you know, holding onto it to take in some more adorable fluffballs.
No one ever replied. In case anyone ever needs to know... a FN does not work for a rabbit. It's not really way too small for a rabbit but the top section is pretty much useless. The little guy couldn't get back down after going up so ended up just in the one level. If it was the only cage you had on hand it would work short term with lots of out of the cage play time. Not a good idea to buy... I just loved the huge front doors for cleaning and hoped he'd adapt. Unfortunately that never happened. We ended up putting him in a large pen with a mix of foam mat flooring and fleece. Now I am toying with the idea of getting more chinchillas. I mean, I have an empty cage and all...
Sorry, just saw this. You might be able to use gradual ramps with level ledges at different points? For a rabbit you could run this ramp partly up one short side add a ledge add another ramp up back wall, gradually up to another larger ledge with room to rest/ turn around and go up again. The ramps and ledges can be secured easily with the ferret nation bars one BIG washer outside the wire/another big one inside/screw through the two holes and into the boards just like regular chin ledges? Some effort but worth a try if you have the cage already!