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Dec 11, 2010
So I was just curious what Momma was trying to get across here.
I'm in the process of introing Momma to Misty (From what it looks like I may just keep them apart. Momma's a butt to Misty..yet Misty just wants to be by Momma. er..)

I cleaned cages today and decided to flop Misty to Mommas cage and vice -versa..
I left a bit of scent in with the cages of course. Well, Momma immediately smelled the floor part and started getting into a position to spray..but then started walking forward like a penguin.
As cute as it was.. I was just wondering what she was trying to say here?
She's done it a few times now.

Also I know people use un-scented baby wipes for their chins bottoms. I was wondering if I could do this to the top of the nose as well? Momma is a messy girl and likes to sit in/lay in/roll in the spots she's peed. (Oh the spot cleaning..) I try to give her dust baths but she's still icky.