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Sep 13, 2023
Hey all,
I’ve had my chinchilla baby, Ash, for 10 years and he’s never had *any* issues. However, last week, the fur around his eye was looking a little weird and similar to pictures online of eye infection/weeping eye. His eyes were never wet when I looked, but I took him in to the vet anyway. The vet was nice and he was given a clean bill of health teeth to tail, but she did prescribe eye drops and some medication to do for the next 10 days because the eye being like that isn’t normal. If it doesn’t clear up, she brought up getting x-rays to look at the upper molars we can’t see otherwise. No signs of any ill health- ate his pellets and hay, energy normal, healthy weight (if not a little hefty!), etc etc.

I also recently bought pet insurance (because I was nervous and it never occurred to me - silly, I know- to have gotten it before), but the policy doesn’t kick in for another week. I’m nervous that now that I’ve gone to the vet because I could NOT ignore it and expressed these concerns to the vet that any dental diagnostics like x-rays wouldn’t be covered. Of course, I’ll spend whatever necessary for my baby, but I’m still concerned because we all know that it is very expensive. Has anyone experienced this?

Side question: I have been an absolute mess worrying over him. He hates the medicine and some has gotten stuck in his fur around his mouth and I’m trying every method to gently “uncrust” the hair, but nothing seems to be solving the problem. Baby wipes (unscented) don’t do much, a little water on a wash rag doesn’t seem to budge much. It’s definitely the medicine, he is not drooling. Any advice?

Thank you!


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