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May 8, 2015
North carolina
image.jpgHi everyone! Just wanted to share a quick story :) about 3 months ago now I adopted a (now 4 mo. Old) female standard she was very very shy and often barked and sometimes bit my boyfriend or I any time either of us were near the cage or refilling her food... BUT last night during our nightly bonding I had my hands just inside the cage for her to smell and she came over and sat on my hands! She was so calm and Friendly, such a nice surprise from our grumpy Callie. It's the little victories that count!

For anyone feeling discouraged about bonding just stick with it. I may have only had her for a couple months but there were some days that I really thought she'd never come around and now she really is warming up! Patience is key.
my oldest male does that. He despises being picked up, but he would always come over and sit on my hand as if it were a little perch. Then every few seconds shuffle around to a slightly new position. It was quite amusing to watch lol
She was 8 weeks old, I said about 3 months but I should have specified! We haven't had her for quite three months yet but I rounded for convenience.
Yes. It took THREE YEARS for my Asa to finally come out and sit on my lap for petting. It is worth the wait. It is easier when they are kits. Glad yours is coming around already!