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Aug 16, 2021
Hi, my chin smushed abit of poo and managed to get it stuck to his stomach, he’s brand new so won’t let me handle him yet how can I get the poo off?!
Their poop should not be mushy or sticky, it should be solid, fairly dry, and only slightly damp to the touch when it first comes out. You may need to take the chin to the vet if you haven't already to get checked out, soft poop is a sign of an issue. Unless it was a case of he peed on the poop making it wet. To get the poop out wrap him in a towel or cloth so you can comb or pick the poops out of his fur. Once you remove the poop give him a dust bath to get any remaining poop residue off. He may not be happy about but it needs to be done, you can work on building a bond once he is cleaned up, and well (if the poops actually are mushy and/or sticky).