PLEASE HELP, prolapsed penis for male chin


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Sep 14, 2016
It can be a quite long thread to read, but please help me out.

I have 1 years 4months old male chin, Jack.
It was a month ago, when I first noticed his penis is prolapsed.
I got info from internet that lubrication can help penis to get back in
thus I used 100% petroleum jelly for a week.

It didn't seem to get any better, and lump appeared under his penal area.

I visited exotics vet straight after I saw a lump. (01/09/16)
Doctor told me it is an abscess and he never saw abscess on penal area before. And prolapsed penis can be a result of an abscess.
(no enough room for penis to get back in)

Pus was removed by incision
and little stitch was made to keep the penis back into the sheath.

Stitch was not successful, thus I re-visited vet on (07/09/16)
Doctor told me stitch was blocking penis to go back in.
Then he removed the stitch and penis seems to get back in.
He told me he is being well healed and no second infection.


while this time period, he had pain relief(Metacam) for 5 days
and antibiotics(Entrotril) for 7days.
He completely lost his appetite when he was taking antibiotic,
but he got his appetite back after stop giving him antibiotic.

there were no urinate issue or any other issue.


On Monday(12/09/16) night, my chin licked his penis for a long time thus I checked his penal area and I found out that it is very red color and swollen.

I visited vet again on the next day morning, yesterday, and doctor said anaesthesia and urinalysis is required to find out the reason.

Penis was not prolapsed, but sheath not normal appearance.
(it was inside the sheath, but sheath seems swollen. It never have been normal appearance since a month ago when I first saw prolapsed penis)

Finding from anaesthesia is
his penis would not protrude its full length, due to a small mass at his base of the penis. This small mass opened and examined and it revealed a white fibrous tissues possibly created during a healing process of the abscess before it was removed.

doctor said he can not remove the mass because he don't know what it is thus he cannot do anything about it.

During procedure, cut was made thus penis was prolapsed again due to a swelling. Nurse told me as swelling decrease over couple of hours, penis will go back into the sheath which is not happening right now.

However, main concern is even if penis get back into the sheath,
he will get a special condition due to a lump at his base of the penis which possibly not disappear and it will make penis to keep prolapsed often.

He have to take antibiotic(Enrotril) again for 7days and different pain relief for 5days(Tolfedine) starting from yesterday

Lubrication required if it is prolapsed.

Did anyone heard or had similar situation?
PLEASE, PLEASE, help me if you know or had an experience.