Petco Now Housing Animal Shelter Pets?

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Christina Noraas

Sep 28, 2010
Mc Grath, Minnesota
We went to the Petco in St. Cloud for something to do while we were at the mall one day and I noticed that they had a whole section of animals that were over flows from the local animal shelter. Does every PetCo do this?
Many of them do. I know the one here does it as does Petsmart. I think it depends on if the local animal shelters choose to opt in with the program.
Most of the ones I've been to have always done it. The one here in Sioux Falls will also take smaller animals that people dump and adopt them out with no fee, but you have to sign a contract for care.
Our PetCo accepts pet returns. They used to give those animals away incl a cage/habitat if the owner provided one. That's how I got my first chin :)
Now they charge a nominal fee for adoption
Our petco has a rescue section (many of them returns from customers), but they also take in rabbits that aren't available for sale in the store, so they accept non-returns as well. They also work with the local humane society and have cats there for adoption. At my Petco at least, they charge you an adoption fee that is a donation to their rescue program, rather than profit for the store. However, in my experience, it's really variable how fair the adoption fee is. We got Bowtie and Tuxedo there as rescues (former biters) and they were only 10 dollars with a free plastic carrier thrown in. Then they had a female rat in a cage inadequate for even a hamster, and they were charging 25 dollars, and wouldn't allow you to take the rat without the cage--because, as an idiot employee said, she's used to the cage and needs to stay in it (right...).

There's a rat there in the rescue section that has a tumor the size of a golf ball. It's some sad stuff.
the petsmart near my place does cat adoptions through one of the local rescues. would be nice to see them do it for more than just cats though!
The Petsmart near us mostly does cat adoptions, but I have seen dogs there occasionally. I think it's a great program! My boyfriend's parents adopted a second cat from there and they couldn't be happier!! I think they paid around $50 for her if I can remember right.
One of my indoor cats was a kitty adoption from Petsmart(she was actually a hurricane Katrina kitty.Her mom was evac-d from the shelter in new orleans to the rescue group here in NC but she had kittens during the trip!).She is now a huge cat >25 lbs and the picture perfect image of a Maine Coon breed cat.