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<- Pooper Scooper
May 22, 2012
Maine, USA
I'm kind of stuck with 2 of my chinchillas. They both will pee all over their hay, even if it's in a hay rack they take it down and use it as a bathroom. It gets very smelly, and I really don't want them to eat urine covered hay. I have tried hay pellets mixed with their food, but I don't think it has the same benefits that loose hay has. What can I do to maybe stop them from peeing on their hay!? :cry3:


I bite.
Jan 29, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
There really is not much you can do. Determined chins will pull hay out of all kinds of hay containers. What I have done is placed their litter pan directly under their hay holders. That way, if they do decide to pee on the hay that is pulled out, I have bedding to absorb more of the pee and it makes it easier to clean up. I clean the litter pans out daily or every other day. That way you won't have nasty smelly pee-hay sitting around. You can try cleaning more often or trying this technique. :))


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Mar 8, 2012
Chins will pee on everything they aren't suppost too. I moved my girls hay to one of her shelves and have it held in place with wire. It keeps the hay fresh, but she is always pulling it out and pushing it to the bottom of the cage just to pee on it. She always gets her way, so I usually end up throwing out the gross hay and putting new stuff in constantly.