Oklahoma City


Apr 6, 2020
Neel Vet Hospital is the best. We have used other vets in the metro area for neuter but found Neel when our 2 week old kit had an emergency--an anal protusion. I was calling all the area exotic vets because he had to be seen immediately and Neel could see him quickest. Then they were just amazing. So compassionate and stayed in close touch, calling for updates even before I could call them. I had him in probably 4 times that week for re-checks and adjustments (he had surgery and had trouble with the first collar they rigged for him, but they got him a proper one). The vet was highly skilled to be able to do this procedure on such a tiny animal. They went the extra mile in every aspect. The charge was less than they estimated, very reasonable, and there were no further charges even though like I said we were in with him at least 4 times. **On neuter, we went to Brookwood Animal Clinic for our second neuter. Previously, we'd taken one to East Edmond Animal Hospital. They were great but I found Brookwood and it had good reviews and it was a lot closer to us. Bad call. Edmond East used dissolvable sutures and little Gimli came home with no restrictions at all and zero problems. He was 100% normal. I assumed wrongly that was just the way the procedure was done and didn't ask Brookwood enough questions. Brookwood used staples, Manwe had to wear a collar for I think it ended up being about 2 weeks (he got a slight infection around the staples, had to have antibiotics and wear it longer). They just seemed to do a crude, sloppy job and our little guy w/ Brookwood's procedure had a rough recovery. I would trust East Edmond for a neuter (and other animals' vet care; they were super nice but didn't feel qualified to handle the issue with our kit) but now that I've found Neel I wouldn't go anywhere else for our chinchilla care.

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