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Okay thanks I was just curious. I am not going to enter anyone in the show but want to eventually. Once I learn how shows work. So I was curious if I could get supplies there or of I'd need to get them in advance when I eventually show.

Also interested in vender tables lol.
The show is coming up fast! I can't wait to see everyone. Most of my chins are young, so I doubt I'll take any big awards at the show, but it's just nice to hang out with everyone.
And of course I can't find my #2 comb. I mean, how many places can it be? Sigh. I always get super stressed before a show.
Champion white female Cristina Castelluccio
Reserve Ritterspach
Champion white male Baars
Reserve Castelluccio
Champion sapphire female Godin
Champion violet female Tiffany Whitlow
Reserve Poetrue's Pets
Champion violet male Godin
Reserve Ryerson
Champion Beige female Whitlow
Reserve Baars
Champion Beige male Ritterspach
Reserve Godin
Champion Natturalle female Ritterspach
Reserve Godin
Champion naturalle male Godin
Reserve Baars
Champion Black female Ritterspach
Reserve Ryerson
Champion Black male Godin
Reserve Ritterspach
Champion Ebony female Ritterspach
Reserve Humble Acres Chinchillas
Champion Ebony male BLS Chins
Reserve Baars
Champion female of show Ritterspach
Reserve Ritterspach
Champion male of show Godin
Reserve BLS Chins
Grand Show Champion Jessica Godin
Reserve Jim Ritterspach