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Jun 24, 2019
Hi, my name's Izzy and I'm thinking of beginning to save up for a chinchilla of my own. I don't think I'm aloud to say my age but im kinda at the point where like I'm still a kid but my parents won't really buy anything for me anymore you know? lol, anyway, I can't get a job so I would just be collecting allowance money and trying to get the $600 or so really needed to give proper housing, food, toys and all that stuff for the little guys or girls. I have two snakes and two geckos atm and had a couple guinea pigs and fish in the past, my family is a little pet crazy. we definitely take time to learn and give the best care possible, don't worry, everyone is loved and happy.
I'm really just posting this to introduce myself and state my goal. it'll be a long long long time before I do any purchasing but I hope to be active on this forum and ask a lot of questions so I'm the most prepared I can be. I know these guys live a very long life and I hope to give em the best!

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Be sure to figure in vet bills. They don't often have to go to the vet, and when they do, it's generally an emergency. That gets expensive fast.

Welcome Izzy. :)
Be sure to figure in vet bills. They don't often have to go to the vet, and when they do, it's generally an emergency. That gets expensive fast.

Welcome Izzy. :)
thank you! I'm planning on having an extra $150-$200 set aside for that reason. 😊

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I hate to break it to you but $150-200 is pretty much the bare minimum amount you should have and is just enough to get a chin seen in an emergency depending on where you live. I actually recommend having a couple thousand on hand, a credit card, or even pet insurance. It really can quickly get into the hundreds to thousands of dollars if things like x-rays or surgery are needed. Chins are exotics so you need an exotics vet to look at them which costs more then a normal general practice or small animal (cats and dogs) vet. I'm not trying to scare you away from having a chin, I just way too often see posts here and elsewhere of "my chin is hurt or sick but I can't afford to go the vet" it's heartbreaking.

On the same note, I would find a vet (ideally more then one), and if need be emergency vet (if your local one doesn't do after hours emergencies) that treat chins before you even get them so you already know where to call. You can also call and get a basic price list for common things (office visit, emergency visit, x-rays, basic lab tests, stool sample tests, etc) so you have an idea of how much you really need on hand since price can vary wildly from vet to vet.

Another common issue I see with kids getting chins, please make sure your parents are onboard with needing an AC. Chins don't sweat so fans are useless, so the room needs to be kept 70F or below. Anything above 75F can cause heatstroke.
Hey! That's really nice! Where i did learm most of chinchilla pro stuff was on youtube, there is this fantastic girl called "the chinchilla notebook" and she covers every sinlge aspect of a chinchilla care! BTW i think 600$ is more than enough!