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Jul 8, 2019
Hey guys! I have been wanting a hedgehog for the last 2+ years but the time was never right, but now it is! I live in California where unfortunately they are illegal, but I managed to find a few that need homes. I've spent the better part of my day off researching about them and have pretty much everything down but the type of cage to get. Everyone seems to have their own opinions on which is best but I can't decide from a regular small animal cage or a plastic tub with holes drilled in the side of it for better temperature control and air, any suggestions on which is best?
I don't like the tubs. I think animals like to look around. Imagine looking through that blurry plastic. Also, I don't think they vent well, no matter how many holes you put in it. Mine were never in tubs.

I want you to consider something. Animals will at some point need to see a vet. It is inevitable. Where will you take a hedgehog if it needs seen? Having an animal that is illegal is a huge, huge risk. If someone in authority finds out about it, they won't rehome it. They'll destroy it.
Thank you for the response, I will probably go with something else for the cage. Also super understandable! But I did do my research (on this forum and others) and found a list of every vet hospital that will take in hedgehogs near me and called a few places in my cit and out of my city and they have all had experience with Hedgehogs and said that they are welcome at their practice. I also work at a vets office and talked to one of the doctors and she said she's worked on small animals as well and feels comfortable taking care of them, so I have all that covered already, it was definitely my first point of action because having good vets is so important.