My male chins are not getting along.


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Apr 5, 2020
I have two male chinchillas, One I adopted from a get store as a baby and the other I adopted from a girl that was not fit to take care of him, she said he was eight months at the time but he looked huge. At this time our first chin was around 4 months old. I did the normal bonding process when I brought my second chin home. And everything went well. They have been together for over two years. Recently ive noticed the older chinchilla was now getting to be smaller than the younger. (The younger was growing but the older was loosing weight) I began to worry and watch them closely. I noticed that my younger chin is bullying my older one. He won’t leave him alone when he tries to get away and he snarks at him. Today the younger chin started going after the older so I ran to their cage. The older one had run to the bottom of the cage and the younger was hiding in the corner as he knew he had done something wrong. I separated them right away and noticed that the older chin seems to be liking hair on his back paws. The older chin ups is beyond anxious lately as well. There has been no changes to their diet or environment and they were fine for two years. I’m worried sick about my older chinchillas and do not know what to do.


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Jan 28, 2009
South Dakota
Separate them. Give them a while to cool off, get them back to their normal selves and weights. Then if you want to try again, VERY CAREFULLY, you can. Odds are though, they are done as cagemates.