My Apollo seems unhappy and antisocial

Apollo and Damien

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Jul 14, 2020
Greetings fellow chin owners,
On March 28th, 2020, I brought home 2 male chins, Apollo ( Black Velvet )and Damien ( poor boy didn't have a name when I got him, Ebony and Ivory Mosaic ). I had been researching chinchillas for months before I committed to them and after much debate, especially during COV-19, I decided to go get them anyways. They didn't have the best living environment, no fleece, no toys, or proper food requirements. Apollo was 8 months and Damien was 4 months. They have their own room, air conditioner, dehumidifier, huge tv, radio, tons of fleece, Oxbow food and hay, lots of toys and houses to play in, in and out of their cage and at least 3hrs of playtime in the evening and in the morning about an hr. Since I've had them now for almost 5, we've had non stop road construction, they have gone to the vets, and my big boy Apollo had to have treatment for foot sores from not having proper bedding, shelves and being on the wire grate. Since I am not able to pick them up without a fuss and they don't allow me to pet them, it was something I didn't notice right away. Apollo was quite active and curious in the beginning but now he seems sad and reserved. I hated cornering him and chasing him to catch him to treat his foot every day but I had no choice. And now that Damien ( my little trouble maker 🥰 ) is older, he is becoming more dominant. He steals treats from Apollo, he's now trying to mount Apollo and the rolls have reversed. Apollo will eat out of my hand, he comes around me, but the progress has been 2 steps forward, 20 steps back. They each get chamomile once a day, less than half a teaspoon, to help calm them. I am able to pick up Damien, although he still fusses, he tolerates it for a few seconds. I'm worried Apollo doesn't trust me or feel comfortable in the little palace I've created for my little princes. I absolutely LOVE my boys, what more can I do to turn this around so both my boys are happy?
P.S Apollo rarely sleeps with his eyes open, he actually looks like he's dead, SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. And he has a favorite place in the cage where he spends most of his playtime. Please give me some advise 20200501_234248.jpg

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