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Apr 20, 2011
so, I am guessing this is the best place to post this. Its kinda a two-fer. We all of a sudden have an earwig problem..just around his cage! I had sprayed the house long before we got him, and hadn't had any problems until recently. so I dont know where they could be coming from. My main concern, becuase they have been found in his cage, is if he eats one... anybody know if this is ok? I know in the wild they prob eat tons of buggies, but this is no wild chinny. Also, just to tack it on, any thoughts on how to safely get rid of them with him in the area?? man these things FREAK ME OUT:wacko:!!! I hate that i'm scared to even go near his cage now in case one comes running out at me! HELP!
Is he in a new/previously owned cage? That may have bugs in it?
We bought an aquarium stand that obviously had roach eggs that hatched in it! ICK!
That just came to mind so i thought I'd ask.
Can't help with the eating of the bugs thing. I wouldn't think that could possibly be ok for you said that's no wild chin! Who knows what the bugs carry or have been.
Earwigs are predators; they eat other bugs. Sounds to me like the stuff getting kicked out of his cage or his food/treats/toys supply is attracting bugs, which are attracting the Earwigs. Afaik, though, eating the occasional bug isn't too much to be concerned with unless you use pest sprays around your home.

First things being first, I'd start by checking *all* of his supplies and cleaning the cage thoroughly w/ vinegar water. If you don't find a source of 'prey' bugs there, it's time to check the walls and baseboards around the cage area. Are there any holes, cracks, or open spaces bugs can get through to come into the room? Barring that, you might have to try to find an inspector to check for carpenter ants/termites. Some companies offer 'green' alternatives to regular pesticides, and a few have started using pest-sniffing dogs to find the source of infestation, so those might be options that are safer for the household at large.
He is in my rats old CN. We bought the cage brand new 3 years ago, and again never had a problem. I had sprayed Orkin house spray all around my house before we got him. I had even sprayed the windows in the room he is in. I was wondering if it could be from the hay we got from the rescue. They grow their own organic with no pesticides or anything.. i have it in a cardboard box with holes punched in it, on top of the cage. tho we keep fidning the bugs in the cage, or on the floor around the cage.
Try getting rid of the box. Cardboard holds water/damp and is porous enough for bugs to hide in or lay eggs on. I usually keep my hay in a big Tupperware or Rubbermaid-type container w/ the lid off. Check the hay as you change it over to the new container, but I'd bet on the cardboard box being at least part of the problem.
if it was me, i'd just toss the hay and the box it is in and get new hay. if the bugs are in the cardboard, they are most likely in the hay too.
I recently bought a used farret nation cage I cleaned it very well but afterwards a few pincher bugs (earwigs) came out and 5 minutes ago my 5 month old chinchilla ate one I think he will be fine! But any knowledge on eating bugs is appreciated
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