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Apr 3, 2021
Hey so a little backstory my dog was getting old and so I got 2 chinchillas from a breeder and gave one to a friend I kept one and named her pip I then lost that chinchilla a few months later due to the heat and a few days later I got Zuzu and then just recently I got zipper and we think zipper is pregnant now we found out yesterday and scheduled vet appointments for a few days. Zipper is a very light beige with brown eyes and Zuzu is a standard grey. I was hoping someone could tell me how to care for my pregnant zipper because I don’t know when she did get pregnant if she is and Google dosent help much
First, I hope you have resolved your heat issue. A pregnant chin isn't going to do any better in heat than a nonpregnant one did, only this time kits will die too.

Second, keep your chins apart. If she is pregnant, she will end up with a breedback. This is very unhealthy for your female. As far as caring for her during pregnancy, keep the room cool, keep her in a one level cage, make sure the cage is babyproof (0.5 x 1 inch openings), make sure she has a good quality diet, water, a clean cage, and wait. If she's pregnant, she's pregnant. If she's not, she's not. I would not stress her out by taking her to a vet. There's no point. She is or she isn't and the vet can't do anything either way. Check the FAQ's. There is a lengthy thread there about caring for kits.