Margaret (grey female, exact age unknown)

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Nov 3, 2021
This is my chin Margaret. She's probably around 18 months old (possibly getting closer to 2 years now???), though that's just a rough estimate. She was originally purchased from a big box pet shop by someone else, then returned a few days later because she'd apparently bitten someone. The pet shop was planning to euthanize her, but my former roommate (who worked at the vet clinic this pet shop used to treat their animals) heard about the situation, and we offered to take her off their hands as an alternative. She was one of several "defective" animals we took in from that pet shop last year.

I immediately fell in love with her (I'd desperately wanted a chinchilla when I was a kid, so Margaret was something of a childhood dream come true), and though it took some time to earn her trust, she's now extremely friendly and affectionate towards me. She'll often jump right into my arms for a cuddle. ❤️

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