Male Hedgie escaped and may have gotten female

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Jan 31, 2021
Help! My male hedgie escaped his enclosure some how and I found him chasing my female hedgie around in her enclosure. I think I caught him in time but I’m not sure, I know these guys are quick in the act. The issue is the female he was chasing is his daughter. She IS KEPT SEPARATELY of corse but he somehow broke into her enclosure. She woke me up by making an alerting noise and that’s when I found them. I immediately removed him and put him in a new enclosure with a lock on the doors. IF he did get ahold of her what can I do? She’s only 4 months old and I’m terrified, I love my babies and I am so ashamed/ sad this has happened. I’ve never had an issue or escape before so I’m mortified, and have taken necessary measures to ensure it will never happen again. I know this poses serious health risks and need advice on what to do, I consulted my veterinarian but they are unsure of what to do.. I will be taking her to a different vet that’s focused mainly on hedgehogs but they can’t get me in until Friday.
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