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Oct 31, 2011
The middle of nowhere, AL
I've had my chinnie for almost 2 years now, and I am just now starting to realize how much I DONT know. So, just a few questions I would really like answers to...

1) Is scented dust bath dangerous in any way?

2) I'm adopting a kit (as soon as she reaches 8 weeks) and I'm not really sure how to introduce her to my two year old chin... Is a month quarantine really necessary?

3) What kind of small cage is appropriate for a cage-in-cage introduction and has anyone used this method successfully? Do you leave the cage in there over night or what?

4) What fresh veggies or fruits can I give a chin?

5) Is it okay that my chin only gets outside-cage-time in my bathroom? Its the only enclosed tile room in the house, instead of carpet (in which chin poop resists the vaccum).

6) Are plastic water bottles bad for some reason? I'm not against buying a glass one, but I've never had a problem with ours before.

7) Is it bad if a chin is active during the day?
welcome! this forum is a pretty amazing source of info for chinparents - well worth spending time poking around the various sections and the members tend to be very responsive and knowledgeable (amazing amount of experience represented in some of these folks - just keep in mind if they respond a little brusquely, it is not personal, they are just wanting to make sure your furbabies are well taken care of!)...

1)scented dust bath is generally regarded as a really bad idea - best bet is probably Blue Cloud (available through several members here or online also)...

2)month (or month PLUS) quarantine is a necessity - not just about health issues, either - also about letting new chin settle in, get comfortable/ familiar with you and for you to observe behavior prior to doing any introductions - there are several good threads on the site about doing chin intros that will help you...

3)small cage like a show cage seems to be recommended method (it's what I will be using with my next intro...) - I got a couple of them from Ryerson's but other places sell them as well (I think even with shipping, Ryerson's was most reasonable option - cage itself was under $7)... check the intro threads on time lengths - I don't think you really want to leave chin in show cage inside other cage overnight, but I may well be mistaken - intro is a gradual, step-wise process, designed to protect the chins and give you some leverage in defusing a potentially violent situation if they don't get along so great...

4)to best of my understanding, NONE - not good at all for chins delicate digestive systems... they need a GOOD pellet (various recommended are Oxbow, Tradition, Mazuri, Purina Rabbit Chow Show, Manna Pro Select Sho Rabbit...) and hay - lots of hay - (various proponents of different types abound - Timothy, Alfalfa, or blends - I am feeding my kids an alfalfa based pellet, so I feed a Timothy hay...)... treats need to be LIMITED - couple/3 a WEEK seems to be the consensus - SAFE treats include such things are plain unfrosted mini wheats, plain cheerios, ROSEHIPS (yum!) and WOOD! (they love chewing on some properly prepared apple wood - easily available from multiple members here and much cheaper overall than the petstore kaka)...

5)yes - if that room has been chin-proofed, then you should be rocking

6)I believe as long as they dont have direct access and are not chewing on the plastic, you are good to go - I am using plastic bottles that have a standoff from the cage (Lixit) so have not had any issues thus far... but I am watching those wascally squibbits!

7) crikey! Vampire Chin! (umm... no idea on this one...)

again, Welcome!

Many of the question your're asking here, you've already asked or been told in your other posts. I also referred you to the FAQs to read through where all of these questions are answered.

We don't mind answering questions, but not over and over again from the same person. Start reading those FAQs, you'll be surprised at the information you'll find.
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