Liquid Diarrhea Aftermath

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Jan 23, 2021
Hello everyone, I have a problem I'm having a hard time finding a solution to. My chinchilla had a bout of GI stasis, from which she recovered, and long story short a few weeks later she had full on liquid diarrhea. We did a fecal test and found nothing, and based on the fact that the issue returned, and she has mucusy diarrhea poops now, our best guess is giardia. She's on another round of Metronidazole, and I had to give her kaolin pectin to stop the diarrhea and baby gas drops to prevent bloat.

Anyways, she's still on her course of treatment, and otherwise acting completely normal, but she has some hard dried on (once liquid) poop stuck around her anus. its not a huge amount, just in the immediate area, but I don't know if I should soak it off or let it come off on its own through shedding/dust baths. I fear that she might get matted fur on her bottom.

I should note she HATES being picked up (loves people though, even strangers!) so I'm trying to find the best way to deal with it without stressing her out, considering she's already sick.
You can try unscented baby wipes to get the dried yuck off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I try to avoid wetting down a chin, but sometimes it has to be done. Just keep in mind that if you do somewhat bathe her, you'll need to make sure she's completely dry afterwards.
Just wanted to update in case it helps anyone, the hard dried on poop came off with some very regular dust baths (every other day) for a short period of time, either it made it easy for her to pick off or the dust loosened it, and I learned that if she has diarrhea keeping a coating of dust on her prevented it from getting stuck again in the first place. I just kept an eye out for dry skin and she was fine :)