ISO: Wilson White, Mosaic or Extreme Mosaic


Oct 27, 2014
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I know this is a long shot but i am ISO: Wilson White, Mosaic or Extreme Mosaic to join my fur family in MILWAUKEE. Age and Gender does not matter but would prefer a younger one. I have others so they won't be lonely. I have a room they get to play in everyday for hours. My chins are kept in ferret or critter nation cages. I make my own ledges and they have TONS. I have hammocks and TONS of chews. My chins are VERY spoiled. I only would like to spend up to $50 but may negotiate especially if they come with cage or supplies. They will stay with me forever i will not re-home them. They will be kept in a ferret nation or critter nation. I have a whole room for my chins and they get out of the cage playtime EVERYDAY. My chins are fed mazuri chinchilla food pellets (just switched). The treats they get are daily rosehip. I use cheerios for training.
I would be wiling to adopt more than one if need be.
Please send picture of what you have and price thanks!
I will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Just ask.
Willing to travel to within an hour or two if the price is right. If you want you can drop them off to see their new home as well.


Dawnna's Keeper
Jan 29, 2009
Cary IL,
I have a few but I am they are a bit more than your limit. I have a white violet kit for 200 and two adults mosails one male one female , 100. Each. I do have a few others listed for 50.00 but they are not mosaics


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Dec 5, 2018
Female mosaic

hi i recognize this ad is several years old but i am trying to rehome my chinchilla lmk if you you're interested! she's 3 and mosaic

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