ingrown quill?

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super-duper hedgiepig
Jan 29, 2009
I am very angry. I stomp at mommy. I stomp at daddy.

Mommy made me sit still and looked at me. She moved my quills. It hurt. I told her I was not happy. I stomped in a circle. I huffed. She wouldn't stop. Not even when I stomped in two circles.

She finally stopped and said she thinks I have an ingrown quill. She said there was a red lump with two funny looking bendy quills on my back.

Then she got a q-tip, put neosporin on it, put it right on the spot I told her not to touch, and threatened to call the vet in the morning. Pfffffffffft. I am going to stomp more.

Hear me world: I am very angry and I stomp at you!!!!
Tex. I stomp with you. I don't have an ingrown quill, but I stomp with you. pfffft. pfffft stomp. - Tylda

Poor Tex, those ingrown quills can hurt so much.
Mommy called the doctor's office. She says I will see the girl doctor tomorrow. The boy doctor isn't in until Wednesday. Neither are in today :(
I'm sorry to hear that Tex. My mom says she heard the boy doctor was out all last week too! Hopefully your ingrown quill will fix itself on its own before tomorrow so your mommy can cancel the appointment.

Stomp. pffft. - Tylda
*stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

Mommy says it looks a little better than yesterday, but still a pink lump with a fat quill and a smushed bendy quill. She says the doctor should help me feel better starting tomorrow. I hope so. I am not pleased right now.

Also, I weigh 411g. This is the biggest I've ever been.
I feel for ya Tex. I'z never had anything like that but my mommy seems to think my feet are never clean enough. I'll stomp with you. STOMP STOMP STOMP

Do u member me n Waylon. We'ze was on the big long drive with you.

Your friend Willie.
You tell your mommie to give you extra special cuddles today and to let you use the computer so you can tell us all about your trip to see the girl doctor. And let me know if I need to stomp my feet at your mommie some more. Not that I've ever needed a reason to stomp my feet.

Stomp, pfft.

- Tylda
I'm exhausted. Mommy got me up in the middle of the day. We went on a ride and saw the girl doctor. She is little compared to Mommy, but very big compared to me. She must weigh at least three times as much as I do.

Some of the techs wondered about "Hufflepuff." They thought maybe it was that woolly-mammoth creature from Sesame Street. Mommy straightened them out.

I did my best to be brave and keep my quills relaxed, but I jumped around a lot when she touched that one spot. It's hard to stay still when it hurts like that.

After a little while, I went and saw the back room. The doctor looked at me really good and took away two quills that seemed to be the cause of the whole thing. The fat one just about fell out on its own after a bit. The bendy one put up a little fight, but not too much. Mommy and the girl doctor were surprised that they didn't find any pus. Just the crazy quills. So I don't have to take any medicine. I like that!

The girl doctor said Mommy could put neosporin on it. Knowing Mommy, she probably will. She is like that -- very protective of me.

It's still a bit owie, but better than before. I hope it keeps getting better. I don't like feeling this way.
The chinnie boys send many kacks at the bad nasty pointy things that :)are making you feel bad!!!:)
These ingrown quill things sound like they hurt a lot. I had to ask mom about it. She explained it to me. I don't like it. First our quills fall out when we are babies and grow back in, a lot at a time, and cause us to get angry and stompy from it, then later they can grow in wrong and be owie? (STOMP)

I'm glad to hear the girl doctor took those bad quills out and that there wasn't any of that pus stuff. Maybe that neosporin stuff will make the owie heal faster and make you feel better soon. It is fun making our mommies worry about us, but I hear medicine is yucky.

Did mom give you a lot of extra cuddles afterwards? You keep me updated, and let me know if I need to stomp my feet at your mommie some more for touching your owie.

Stomp, pfft.

- Tylda
Tylda - thank you for your stomping. I hear you are very good at it.

Willie - I do remember you and Waylon. You got out of the big van before I did. Then you rode in Mommy's car with me, the other two boys, and all those girls. I was in the front seat. You were in the back seat. We were all on the same side of the car. My feet are messy in the mornings too!

Chinnie boys - Mommy tells me you are more fuzzy and less quilly than me and, instead of huffing and stomping, you kack. That is good.

Thank you all for stomping and kacking on my behalf... And you humans for using your fingers on the keyboards. It is good to know you're out there.

I did a little stomping this morning, but less than yesterday.

Mommy did give me lots of cuddles. She was very careful not to touch my owie spot during snuggle time.

But she did look for it and at it. So I stomped then. She needs to stop that. I do not like it. She says that it should be feeling better and better every day. And if it's not, we can get more help from the girl or the boy doctor.
This whole thing is exhausting...