I'm temporarily unable to live with/care for my chinchillas

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Aug 4, 2010
Brighton, MA
Long story short, a violent crime occurred at my apartment less than two weeks ago and I can no longer live at that address. As of yesterday I signed the lease for a new apartment in the Boston area, but I can't move in until the 31st. I've been staying at a hotel for now and will be moving in with my brother temporarily this weekend. All of my things, and pets, are still at my apartment.

Luckily my roommate is staying at the apartment until we relocate, so she is able to feed and water my 4 chinchillas. But because the crime was directed at me, I cannot even enter my apartment without the escort of a police officer, and they have to stay the entire time I'm there. I've been going every 3 or so days to check on them while my mother is in town and has been able to drive me to the police station, then drive to my apt, wait there for the officers to arrive, go in with me, and then drive back to the hotel. However she is leaving on Saturday when I move to my brother's and neither of us have a car. Also I can't exactly take my time when I do get a chance to go in... I am doing everything as fast as possible because the officers don't have time to wait much more than 20 min while I scramble to pack a few more belongings and make sure the chinchillas are okay.

Not only do I miss my pets dearly but I'm very worried about their wellbeing. One of my chins has special needs and I like to take him out every day and check that he is doing okay because he gets sick/hurt frequently and easily. I have to clean his cage more frequently than I'm currently doing, not to mention the other 3 cages. My roommate is not really an animal person and while she's feeding them etc., it's just not the same as me being there.

My brother's apartment doesn't allow pets, but it's not feasible for me to move their cages anyway because they are 2 double Ferret Nations and it's such an ordeal to move those anywhere. I JUST moved in September, and I'm going to have to move them all again on the 31st.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do in this situation? Should I try and find a pet sitter in the area who can go check on them since I can't do it? Or should I relocate my chins somewhere (leaving behind their cages) for the next few weeks just so I know they are being cared for? I just don't know where to start or who to ask. With the sudden need to move I am actually down to my last few dollars but I really need to make sure my pets are cared for.

Thanks in advance for any advice or support!
Try calling your local vet offices and shelters for a temporary foster home. They may even have a few ferret or large rabbit cages that will work for a short time or have the means to move your cages.
Maybe check with local pet sitters. I know that one of the local breeders in my area pet sits on the side. If you bring her your chinchillas she will take care of them for you if you are on vacation or what not. She can supply the cages or you can bring your own. Perhaps there is someone near you who can do the same.
i know this post is old, but i really hope you found a way to make things with chur chins, and the other things going on in your life, work out. good luck with anything else you have to deal with! :)