I have a 22 year old chin with eye problems

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Dec 11, 2010
Hello All I have a 22-year-old chinchilla that’s been having some eye problems. Couple years ago he looked like he had nine faction I did take him to the vet got some ointment he actually got better. Since then every time his eye gets worse I clean it out and put the ointment in it and he gets better. But this time it’s not working. It looks like maybe both of his eyes are a little watery and they’ve gotten smaller. I’ve had a chin with teeth problem before it doesn’t seem like that’s the problem he’s not drooling. His eyes are not wet. And it was seeming every time I give a dust bath it gets worse. So I’ve been trying to clean out his eyes after a dust bath and also maybe giving him a dust bath on the table where he doesn’t shake it in his eyes. I wonder if these little guys can get allergies like humans. Just a thought. I did make an appointment with the vet but it’s not till Tuesday. I’m a senior citizen just trying to take care of these little guys. Plus I have a little rescue with problems and a chicken. Which I’m trying to help them.Anybody have any helpful information please let me know I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m just attaching a picture of my chains and my little doggie he’s a little rescue he’s actually got a little broken jaw and bad teeth which I’m trying to help them right now. The chinchilla with the eye problems as I seem a little bit smaller and watery but I don’t see any wetness under his eyes or by his mouth. But he keeps moving his whiskers like he’s chewing on something.


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How is he doing now? Did you call a vet and ask if they can have allergies, and if so can you give them a small amount of something such as Benedryl?
Chins don't necessarily have allergies, but they can be sensitive to their dust. Is he eating and doing all things chin normally? At 22 I would be worried about his teeth if he had a combination of symptoms like eyes, wet chin or mouth, not eating well, etc.