How'd you come up with your name?

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Dec 11, 2010
This should be an interesting thread..

I'm becoming a member of the American Gerbil Society where I can keep up with gerbil shows and register my gerbil pups.
I have to come up with a kennel name and have NO idea of where I should start.

So I thought I'd those of you who breed chinchillas..

How did you come up with your name? [=
We used part of our street name where we currently live. I plan to keep it, even if/when we move. I would like to have a piece of land and generalize everything we do under "Sycamore Glen Farms" I'm sure it's been used elsewhere, but that's okay with me :)
Oh! What a neat idea!
I sent in the only thing I could think of for registration..furry flurry LOL

And yes, like Sycamore said, I'm talking about ranch names.
My ranch started out very humbly in my parents' unused storage shed. And we had acreage. Now it's situated on an unimposing old farm. And western NY isn't a flashy area. So, Humble Acres. I'll be honest, I hated it at first but I'm fond of it now.
I like the name Humble Acres. Makes your ranch sound like a very peaceful place..filled with fluff-butts. :)
I already had the website domain from back in my serious blogger college days. I didn't want a second or new website so I went with MishisM Chins so I could keep using the domain I already had, but I'm not really fond of it (works for a personal blog, not so much a ranch) so I just use my name on the exhibitors list when I go to shows.

If I could do it over again, I'd just go with Irish Chinchilla. Or perhaps Glitter Moonbeam Pet Place.
Mine came from the photo I built my webpage around.. Took me two years to get it registered as a domain, finally got it in 2004. From 1998-2003 I used my University's free student page site.

For a long time there was a breeder that owned the rights to every domain name they could think of with the word chinchilla(s), made it hard to start up a site.