How to move FN cages? To disassemble or not?

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Aug 4, 2010
Brighton, MA
Just wondering if anyone has had experience moving FN cages. Is the best idea to just lay it on it's side and hopefully fit it in the back of a car, or to disassemble it? To disassemble just the top half?

All you need is a screwdriver, right? I put mine together so long ago (and with such difficulty) that the thought of taking it apart seems so daunting. I'm also worried about disassembling/reassembling because I don't want to my chins to be out of their cages for too long a time. I have four chins, and 2 plastic carriers and one metal carrier that's split into two. Each chin lives in a section of my two FN's, as none of them get along.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I appreciate any feedback or advice! Thanks.
I have moved my FN cages several ways and the easiest was putting it in the back of the truck and hauling it that way. I have also taken it apart in 2 pieces and it fit in the back of our expedition. I wouldn't take it completely apart unless you have to because I know I always have issues getting them back together! Also it is according to which FN you have if you need tools to reassemble them. 1 of mine is the older one which you need a screwdriver and the other one just goes together without needing any screws.
Ditto to above
and / but I didnt have any trouble putting my dbl FN togther from a complete disassemble.... maybe 30 min
I've moved my FN's 3 times..the first one I had a truck big enough to fit them fully assembled and three big guys that could move them. The last two moves, I took the top half off. It was a lot easier as it made them much more manageable weight wise...having them fully assembled it just too heavy. I don't think I'd be able to do it again because the screws are stripped.
I moved my FNs three times. Each time, they were loaded fully assembled into the back of a truck standing upright and strapped in. Obviously the chinchillas were not in them. By the third time we had the move down to a science.
If you can keep from taking it apart, that's better. You need a screwdriver and the pieces can get lost. The top doesn't come off as it looks like it could-- the whole thing has to be disassembled.
I honestly just picked it up and carried it. When moving, it doesn't seem like such a hassle like that giant couch or dresser does! Just be sure to lift the bottom where the wheels are up off the ground and don't roll it on rough surfaces like say, a driveway. Then your wheel can come off and it is not fun. Now my cage rocks back on one leg oops :\

**No chinchillas were harmed in the traveling of their cage** ha!