How often do you let your chinnies out to play?

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Nov 16, 2009
Arcata, Berkeley, CA
I may have asked this before, but with my just increased number of chins and my as of lately, drastic decrease in time, I'm finding it hard to let all four of my puffs out to play for a significant time. Since they have to play separately, it takes a while. Generally, I don't have a problem getting them all out for a half hour a day, but when I miss a day I feel bad. I love playing with them and it's like my day isn't complete when I miss a day. I'm not of course, looking to do the bare minimum, but I was wondering if I'm giving myself a hard time? I know there are forum members with busy schedules, and was just wondering how often you let your chinnies out and for how long?


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Your chins will be absolutely fine without out of cage time. Breeders have rarely, if ever, had their chins out for run time and their chins are just as well adjusted as any pet chin (sometimes even more so). Most pet owners spoil their chins silly with houses, huts, wheels, beds, hammocks, etc. If you can't get your chins out for run time, they will survive and thrive. If you have never given run time (for others reading this) then your chin can't miss what it never had.

I used to get all my chins out for run time, before I hit 100 or so chins. I had 3 playpens and I ran chins all day long. An illness went through my herd, and I never let them have run time again.
I let mine out at least twice a week each for at least 10-15 minutes each.
This is normally when they get their dust baths.
I see their ears go red too fast for me to understand how people let them out for any longer.
My girls get out twice a week, sometimes more if time allows. I wish it could be more, but I am in the same boat you are: the chins are all separated, so it takes awhile to run all three. That is one regret I have in getting more than just my initial chin. But I love my girls, they are extremely spoiled with toys and sticks, and all have wheels, so I try to focus on that.

Sounds like you are doing great, Anna.
My boys get out every night, usually about 30 minutes each (none get along, so it's 3 separate play times).
The girls get out once or twice a week. They romp around for 30 - 40 minutes. Not much longer than that. Artie's extra floofy rump gets hot fast.
I have a playpen attached to Tinkerbell's cage, and she always has access to come out of her cage and into the pen.
I'm some-what of a new chin owner and i've been opening their cage door and letting them crawl on my lap while I sit there (they've escaped a couple of times haha). They've had a couple of play times where I let them out on the bathroom, but i'm short on time as well. We're building our own make-shift playpen that I hope will be done soon :)) I can't wait to let them run around without me frantically trying to catch them.
My boys get along, and they come out together every other night for 20-30 minutes. On really busy weeks, I won't get them out for two nights in a row. I used to feel guilty about it, but I just remind myself that they have a Chin Spin, a TV and wood to munch on. Plenty of entertainment.
Thank you guys, I appreciate the responses! I suppose they know they should have gotten out and that makes me feel bad because they're all pressed up against the bars like let me out! I'm glad they won't suffer because of my job and it's hours :))
Thank you guys, I appreciate the responses! I suppose they know they should have gotten out and that makes me feel bad because they're all pressed up against the bars like let me out! I'm glad they won't suffer because of my job and it's hours :))

I used to give mine playtime every night, and then switched to every other night. They will get used to it, and then they learn to appreciate playtime even more :) I get extra popcorning when I skip two nights of playtime.
I only have one chin so I have been letting him out once a day anywhere from 30-45 mins.....he seems content with his free time in my room which went though so many chin proofings LOL....
my boys aren't out as much as they used to be. my schedule is just a little too hectic lately and by the time all is said and done after my kiddo goes to bed, i'm ready to just lay down and die some nights, lol. so they've been getting out a few times a week, for about an hour, and they are fine.
I try to let mine out as much as possible, just sometimes it's not possible due to schedules :) Mine still love me even in tough weeks with not a lot of out time :)
Well, I only have Trixie..but I usually only take her out every other evening. Expecially if I have to be up early for work. If I am off work she usually gets treated to playtime every night.
Rarely no more than 45 minutes to an hour. I keep the room cool..and she spends A LOT of her playtime sitting on the windowsill looking outside. If we are having super hot days in the summer I cut her way down to a couple days a week..for a dusting. Then I round her up after she has run and bathed a bit..there have been times she has "asked" to go back home after just a very few minutes if it is really that is a good thing.
mine gets let out when both my husband and i are home. so she's only been out three times since we got her (the 14th of Nov). and she's out anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes each time.
I have the ware playpen so I try to do a few nigghts a week in it with them. Some of them get a half hour and others get minimal because they get tired out and hot. Then I always have a cold chinchiller in the freezer for them :)
I have one chin and i let him out for an hour a night. Lately though ive been having so much going on that im getting stressed worrying about me taking him out. However I got him a wheel and because hes 6 (I got him from a former owner) He dosent understand the concept. I dont want to put it in his cage because im afraid **** think its something to jump on and end up hurting himself. I keep it with us during play time. For his age does anybody think an hour a day is TOO much for him. His ears havent gone red that ive seen but when they do go red is it noticeable?
6 is not old for a chinchilla. If you want to give him an hour of play and he does well with it, go for it. Its not necessary, but in a chin-safe area with the proper temperature, it won't hurt. Just make sure you keep a close eye on him...the longer they're out, the more time they have to find something to chew on that they shouldn't (like drywall, carpet, etc). A wheel is not a necessity either. Don't sweat it too much...they really don't need that much exercise. I do think they benefit from some extra mental stimulation though (ie. toys).

Red ears are the first sign of overheating. They are most noticeable in chins with lighter colored ears (like pink eared beiges) but you can see it on just about any chinchilla. I've not had issues with chins over heating while out to play, but I keep the room around 60-65 F and the chins aren't constantly running around while out...they have hiding places to hang out in.

My chins come out once a week for about 15-20 minutes during cage cleaning if they want to. Some prefer to stay in their cage...some can't wait to get out. If I get a day off where I don't already have a dozen things to do...I'll let a few chins out for an extra playtime (I call this my therapy session...nothing more relaxing than just sitting and watching chins run around).
I let my little guy out every night while i clean his cage for at least 30 mins or so, when we are out of town my neighbor comes over and plays with him. He is a very spoiled chin!!