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I'm still trying to talk my hubby into a pair of pygmy goats!

I hope you're successful! Pygmy goats are great, I have two of them, although our male definitely does not look like a pygmy. He is huge!

I have one chinchilla, one hedgehog, a ferret, 15 chickens, 8 bantams, 2 peafowl, 2 ducks, 2 goats, 8 cats, one dog, and within the next couple weeks I will be adopting a miniature horse from a rescue.
I have my chinchilla (Magyk), my dog who is a 13 year old Lhasa Apso x American Eskimo (Dodger), my 4 year old gold fish (Bruce Wayne), my 9 year old Arabian horse (Ben), my 3 year old Miniature Horse (Kipcha) and 13 rabbits of varying ages, my oldest right now being 8 although we just lost my 10 year old boy to kidney failure (Babbitty Rabbitty, Willow, Star, Jabberwocky, Kia, Tiana, Wallaby, Spyro, Popcorn, Flynn, Buttercup, Kokomo, Peace).

We also run a small scale rabbit rescue that works through foster homes, so techincally I am responsible for 8 rabbits on top of those.
We have downsized quite a bit over the past few years, but we have a silver lab, two cats, two chinchillas and three kids.<3
I have 2 chinchillas, a pink toe tarantula, 2 red-ear sliders(rescue), a bearded dragon, and a 5ft red-tail boa(rescue).
Next on my list is a kinkajou, sugar gliders, a secret toad-headed agama, and a frilled neck lizard. :)
Me, my son and boyfriend all love animals, scaly or fluffy big or small.. as long as you can take care of them and give them the attention they need I don't see the problem in having as many animals that you want. :)
I have four dogs, Bayou a Great Pyrenees, Romie a red Shiba Inu, Altair a black and red Shiba Inu, and MaeMae a Yorkie. I also have a Russian tortoise named Boris.
We have 2 dogs (Basset Hounds), 2 cats we adopted from the shelter, 7 Guinea Pigs (Peruvians & Texels), and 4 Hedgehogs.. :)
For any of you that have dogs... Do your chins seem to be bothered by them? We have been thinking about getting a puppy, but have decided not to for now because we don't want to cause any undue stress to our chin!
For any of you that have dogs... Do your chins seem to be bothered by them? We have been thinking about getting a puppy, but have decided not to for now because we don't want to cause any undue stress to our chin!

Mine hasn't been, she doesn't seem to even care. Our dog is 13 and extremely mellow with the small animals, doesn't hardly notice them. A puppy would be more stressful.
For any of you that have dogs... Do your chins seem to be bothered by them? We have been thinking about getting a puppy, but have decided not to for now because we don't want to cause any undue stress to our chin!

Not really. I have to keep Nibbler separate from the two Shibas as they are VERY prey oriented. But as far as Batou (not Bayou as autocorrect got me up thread), my Great Pyrenees and Mae Mae my yorkie are concerned, they are pretty at ease with each other. Nibbs even jumped on the back of Batou at one point.
2 chinchillas,
3 ferrets, plus my sister has 3 as well.
Cichlid tank (they keep breeding so I'm starting another set up)
1 Uromastyx

I took in a veiled chameleon but from the beginning he had issues and never grew. By far my favorite of all my babies.

And I took in a Chinese water dragon but he also had issues from previous treatment. :(
This is a bit of an older thread but maybe I can help revive it :D

Currently I live with my aunt and uncle while going to school. I only have my hedgehog and two gerbils with me, and some fish. My aunt has three cats as well. At home with my parents we have 2 dogs and 2 cats, along with my parrotlet Birney. At our highest point we had 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 firebellied toads, Birney, many pet mice, my hedgehog, and my old leopard gecko Jane. And of course I've always had at least a 20 gal fish tank and maybe a betta fish or two :p My mom and I did most of the work taking care of the pets, I took care of all the smaller ones and helped with the dogs, while she mostly took care of the cats and some of the dogs.

We like a big pet family, but it can be a lot of work some times!

2 Dwarf hamsters (RCD) one male, one female, NOT a breeding pair
2 chinchillas, both female
1 hedgehog, female
1 pug dog, male (mine, but lives with my parents)
Let's see I have 1 chinchilla Charlie, 1 black bear syrian hamster Horatio, 1 long hair teddy bear syrian hamster Gizmo, 1 Chinese dwarf hamster Skippy, 1 robo dwarf hamster, 2 gerbils ying and yang, 1 leopard gecko Jessica, 2 bearded dragons (in different tanks) Jessie (m) and Scarlett (f), and a coon hound outside Pepper.
Hi Mandy,
I have few French bulldog puppies and all are in great shape as I provid them fresh clean water, high quality food, daily exercise and outstanding general health care.
1 male boxer dog named Blackjack
1 Female chinchilla named Ellie
4 bearded dragons
1 gargoyle gecko
24+ crested geckos

125 gallon freshwater aquarium
Some people believe there is no such thing as a person with too many pets...only a person who can not care for all of the pets they have.

I (meaning my full support) have 5 chinchillas and a dwarf hamster.
I am also fostering 3 chinchillas (2 of which may be leaving very soon) and a rabbit. (recovering from spay)

My parents have 3 dogs. All are, and I hate to say it, very old. The oldest being 13-14 with severe cushings that they are trying to maintain.

Now there is a dog at the shelter I would like to adopt. I am getting a little part time job to really start putting away in the bank. It would also allow me to take on a dog completely on my own. This dog was at the shelter in October. We clicked, then he was adopted. He was returned yesterday. Didn't look so good at first either. He came up to me with his head lowered, crying, drooling..and looked up at me. A few minutes later he wouldn't leave my side. I have a bond with him that is very different. I usually don't get attached to the animals, but I don't want to 'lose' this one again.

I am only 17 (in two weeks) and home-schooled, but my pets mean everything to me and even when I go 'off' to school after high school - which I will finish soon - the animals go no where. I made that commitment when I adopted my first chin.
I'm also going for veterinary medicine, and the vet I shadow is directing me in a path a past tech of his went. She got most everything online and locally and is now an emergency tech for a very well-known 24/7 clinic here. I hope to do the same.

I just feel odd because I'm already a ''foster failure'' at the shelter. lol Because I'm the only one there that is focused and dedicated to the small I foster 'special cases' when they come in.

Just wanted to hear opinions. I know there are a lot of breeders here with many chins...but in all...

How many pets do you have? What are they? How do you feel about the subject and about larger pet 'families'?
We have one cat named Tiggy, 2 dogs named Gunner and Whiskey, a chinchilla named Pedro (I'd like another so he can have a buddy), a rabbit named Jumping Jack (I've had her for almost 7 years and would like another so she can have a buddy), 3 horses named Casper, Quincy, and Bugs, 2 goats named Jimmy and Snickerdoodle (I want to plan a wedding for them, they're already "dating" and I think it would be fun), 5 chickens named Aretha, Pearl, Speckles, Midnight, and Peep, and I recently lost a tank of sea monkeys. My dad and little brother are both in the beef business and manage a small herd of highland cattle, but I'm not with it, I'm vegetarian and like pets more than animals that earn their keep with anything but company and love.

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