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Jul 1, 2024
I'm a chinchilla mom of two females: Jasmine and Willow. Unfortunately, these two do not get along at all, so I do my best to keep them separate and happy. However, I would love anyone has unique ideas for bonding, especially since Jasmine has free range of the room that I hoped both chinchillas could bond in. Currently I have built a nice play area in the closet of that room for Willow, and I think she is happy as well. I think space for chinchillas is very important, especially with how they can jump and run.
Sadly, when I bought Jasmine, the pet store had her in an aquarium and must have been housing her with stronger siblings who had picked on her, since her ears have plenty of injury. I consider her a rescue pet, and I also assume that her background is why she feels upset about another chinchilla (Willow) in her space.
I look forward to hearing from everyone!!
Personally I think the best way to try to bond two chins is slowly. Start by having the cages in the same room then slowly moving the cages next to each other, once they are good side by side (can take weeks) you can do out of cage intros in a neutral area. Chins, especially females, can be very territorial so it's important to do intros in an area that neither think is theirs. If that is not possible try to clean up the play area as best you can to remove all scent. You can also cage swap to help get them use to each other's scent as well. It's best to start with short play times together, just 5-10 minutes so they can get use to each other and hopefully end on a good note and not a fight. It's also a good idea to add toys, food, hay, and even a dust bath to the play area to give them something to do and focus on so they aren't just focused on each other. As they get use to each other you can increase the playtime together. Once they are happily eating and bathing together you can try supervised cage time together in each other's cages. Once you get to that point you feel they can live together it's best to decide which cage you are going to use and then do a full cleaning so it's as neutral as possible.

Keep in mind though that although chins are social creatures, just like humans not all chins get along with all other chins. Sometimes personalities just don't match up no matter what you do. Also since Jasmine was attacked by other chins in the past I can cause her to be more reluctant to bond with another again as well, so even if they do eventually bond it can take longer (months to years). Pets stores commonly just toss chins together when they arrive without any kind of intros or bonding, they may or may not be siblings or put together young and already bonded, but if not it can result in fights once they settle in.
Yes, thank you for this helpful reply! I think I need to move them to a much more neutral situation before trying this again!