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Anthony Thornley

New member
Jun 11, 2023
Hello, wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Tony living in Mid Wales. After a nomadic few years I'm finally settled and looking to get a couple of furry buds to share my evenings with. I had a few chinchillas about 10 years ago but alas they passed away, and then due to living in rented accommodation and travelling for work I've not been able to have them.

Hopefully I will find a breeder locally to get some lovely chins for myself and my kids to enjoy. #chinbuddies
Congratulations. Wales is a lovely place to settle after a nomadic life. Given that you have been away I thought you may not be aware that now that they are less rare, there are many places in the UK from where you can rescue chins, including a private rescue group in Facebook which is is only for adoptions, breeders can not list in it. I am aware that having children you may think that rescuing is not a good idea but chins for adoption are not necessarily damaged or bad tempered: many are from homes where the children have left for uni and the parents do not have the time for an idiosyncratic and, what may seem to them a demanding pet.

I have a 5 year old boy from the RSPCA who could not possibly be a better chin: admittedly I had been dreaming of a mosaic or at least a white one with dark ears and he is just plain standard but all chins are beautiful and not only is he calm and sweet but also smart. It may be that old dogs do not learn new tricks but old chins do: I even managed to train him not to chew the skirt boards (or anything else he shouldn't ) when he hears the word 'no'

Best wishes and please post pictures when you get your chins.
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