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Aug 4, 2022
savannah ga
hi got my chinchilla named cannoli about 8 months ago. when i first got him he made some barking noises dog toy squeak noises for the first couple days. he hasn’t made any noise since then. however the past two nights he will make this horrible almost baby cry noise that sounds like he’s in pain. it seems to happen when he either jumps down hard or maybe scares himself? i’m not sure. just worried he is injured.. when i go to check on him after he seems fine and when i let him out of his cage he runs around normal. he has been eating drinking going to bathroom fine and there’s no other changes other than this cry. it’s only been a couple times it’s not an on going long noise or non stop
thanks for any help or advice


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It kind of sounds to me like he scared himself. I know my guy does that when he zooms around and lands maybe too hard, or maybe almost fell but caught himself, giving him a bit of a scare.