Help! bald patch on tail


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Jan 22, 2020
Five days ago I noticed a long and narrow (0.4cm x 2.5cm) bald strip on top of my rescue boy's tail. I had him for two years and sometimes in January and February he does a bit of barbering on his haunches but it is always a minute patch and a very superficial one at that. I may be wrong but believe the one in the tail was also caused by barbering because we got a new neighbour upstairs who stomps around like a bipedal water buffalo and we are all under stress. At playtime he stands to attention on his hind legs, perhaps because in the natural habitat of chin ancestors such a noise meant a stampede of wild guanacos.

The patch is not red, scaly or painful, just bald. I took him once to the local vet but would not do that again and the exotics clinic is nearly one hour from us (worse now that we have loads of roadworks). I do not want to stress him even more if it is just barbering but I do not want to delay it if he needs to be seen. I have checked every day but not a single hair has grown back. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Jan 30, 2009
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It is probably fur slip or he plucked it out. Tails take a very long time to grow back, and the older the chinchilla the longer it takes. My 8 year old it took 2 years to grow back from a fur slip.

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