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Dec 30, 2019
I've posted a few times already - mostly first time chinnie owner freaking-out kind of questions - so I figure I should intro myself -

Hi! My name is Katy and I adopted a gray standard ~3y/o male chinnie, named Mr. B, in December. He was named Mr. Bigglesworth by the adoption agency, hence the B. Altho now I say the B is short for balls because Mr. B has these pink dangly balls (I don't know why they are that way but he seems fine and the vet has not remarked on them haha)!

So far I've really enjoyed reading and learning all about Chinchillas and how to care for them! I had a crash course in chinchilla care with Mr. B when he got molar spurs a month ago. Because of that we are now closer to each other than ever! Thanks to all the times i had to burrito him up and feed him critical care. Pretty sure he does not miss that haha!

I like spoiling Mr. B with dried flower and healthy snacks. I also buy him fancy hay from rabbit hole hay. He doesn't like Oxbow. Such bougie taste! Looking forward to asking more dumb questions and learning from all the more experienced owners. :)