Happy Birthday Sandilicious!!!!

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I heart Leonard
Jan 30, 2009
Racine, WI
Happy Birthday to my bestie!!! Woot you are the bestest even if you do like the Bears!



I :love: you!!!!!!
ON! You're 25 again? Awesome!

Happy birthday! I hope George Barry buys you something fabulous.
:HB: Sandi! Wishing you a very special day, surrounded with love, fun, and fabulous presents :heart:
:HB13: I hope your entire family, including Buddy & the chinnie boys, is spoiling you rotten today! You deserve it! :kiss:
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I'm having such a great day with my family. I partied a little too hard last night in Chicago... I think I'm getting too old to stay out all night and dance and drink mojitos but I was told I had a good time, lol!