Happy birthday/gotcha day Wicket

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May 7, 2012
12 years ago today I brought home two 3 year old boys, so I go with today as their "birthday" making Wicket 15 years old now. As you may know from a post I made last year, Wicket's twin brother passed away last June. Wicket is doing well as an single and only chin though, he seems to be enjoying having the whole cage and all the toys and treats to himself. 😂 He is also still a troublemaker, I tried to do a photo shoot of him on my desk, but my coffee was too interesting, and he seemed to want to drink it. I lured him down to my chair with a jar of rose hips and he decided to bolt for the door. Only part of the room is chin proofed, and that is not the side with the door, he is a good boy though and I just scooped him up after I snapped some quick pics.

20220110_114852.jpg 20220110_115018.jpg 20220110_115215.jpg 20220110_115222.jpg