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Chin Geek
Jan 30, 2009
Chicago burbs
Just wondering if anyone has purchased Hall’s Hay. They carry It on Chewy.

I usually buy a bale of hay from a local farmer, but I have to sort it & it is so large to store. I have been trying every type of Oxbow grass hay (Western Timothy, Orchard Grass, and Timothy Meadow). Ripley seems to like the Timothy Meadow the best, but the bag is very dusty & like all chins, she picks through it.

Thought that I would try Hall’s because they are mini bales. The pieces look bigger and they say, not dusty. I know that there are lots of other people who sell hay, but it would be easier to throw it in my Chewy shipment to keep the cost manageable.
I've never tried it or even heard of it, but so long as it's just timothy hay it's worth a try. Timothy hay is timothy hay, it's like any other crop, the only difference is where it's grown. Where it's grown can affect how it tastes as well as how much and what nutrients it picked up from the soil.