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Jan 28, 2009
South Dakota
Written by Lisa

Get those Males checked out!

There are also many great threads already posted about this subject, so take a minute and search them and get an idea of the topic discussed first hand.

A major concern with male chinchillas is the hair ring that develops around the penis, and that is all males, and even when not in breeding; but most especially in breeding they would need to be checked more often. Always check the males at least once a month, if not twice, and more often when needed.

Hair rings can build up on the reproductive organs, causing tightness on the penis and can cut off the circulation and it will cause the male to be in pain and discomfort and will need to be removed immediately! The males usually can manage cleaning and removing the hair ring themselves, however a little help is needed from the owner to assist at times. Remove the hair manually, using a little water or petroleum jelly as a lubricant if necessary. Gently maneuver the penis back into the sheath (foreskin) once again. Monitor the male afterwards to make sure he has regained full use. Unless swelling and or redness occur, nothing more needs to be done. However, if redness and swelling do occur, this could be a sign of infection and will need immediate attention and medication from your veterinarian. If this is not taken care of it could result in death and lots of pain for your male chinchilla.
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