Got bit so hard today! First time

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Buddha & Moose (:
Sep 23, 2012
Springville, UT
I experienced my first chin bite today. We went to a person's house to possibly buy a chin. She was a baby black velvet - SO beautiful. I believe she was around 10 weeks old. The owner kinda had to chase her around the cage a bit to get her out. She was kacking at him a bit too. He finally grabbed her and tried to hand her to me. I should've known that wasn't a good idea since she seemed a little worked up. She immediately bit my finger and would NOT let go. Finally I freed my finger but she really got me good. It was really deep and even went through my finger nail to the point where blood was coming up through my nail. Anyways, long story short we decided it probably wasn't a good fit. I was really disappointed because she was so beautiful and tiny and a good price but I just didn't feel good about it. I've never had a chin bite before. What do you guys think? Was she just riled up from being chased around the cage or do you think she just might have a bad temperment? Should I have brought her home and let her chill out for a few days and see how it went, or was leaving the best choice?
being chased around the cage and picked up when they dont want to be is of course going to rial them up. Especially if the chin has a natural dislike of being picked up.
Young chins/kits are likely going to bite harder then adults anyway. They havnt been around as much. They dont know the pressure limits that they should use. Once when i was in a pet store i walked by and they had a family examining a baby chin. I went over and held it. Friendly little chin for sure, but was actively nibbling everything, and with a little bit of force to. Plus the chin had rly sharp teeth. He drew blood on my hand, but i know he didnt actually mean to. - Also worth noting that your a stranger to the chin.

My first chin was so worked up when he got to my place that would absolutely freak out if anyone even walked near his cage; much less got close or tried to do something. He was jsut that stressed out and didnt know us either. After a good bit of time tho, he became the friendlyist chin i had for many many years.
I have to agree with Godofgods completely. The baby chin was just badly frightened. With patience she could easily become a very friendly chin. I was once bitten by a 2 day old baby I was trying to 'check out'. Bit me so hard I had to pry her off my finger. Later she became very sweet and loved attention
I think it's pretty rare to find a chin that has a truly bad temperament. For the most part, they are pretty docile animals. I'm going to vote with the above two posters - the chin was scared and bit you out of fear.

As an aside - and I probably shouldn't say that for fear of jinxing myself - but I have not been bitten (ever) by a chin, not in over 12 years. Yay me!
I swear the younger the chin the worse the bite! I've gotten some understandable bites form adults when medicating,hand feeding etc. The worse undeserved bite was from one of my boys at around 9 weeks old- bit through the nail all the way though the end of my finger,still haven't figured out how he missed my bone but thank God he did.Took forever to heal,but he was just a baby and he doesn't bite now that he's all grown up.
Was just bit by my new baby CoCo today, it was a pretty deep cut as well. Going to take a while to heal. Understandable though because CoCo is very easily frightened.