Goodnight my sweet Baloo

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Jul 20, 2022
San Diego
A few days ago we lost our baby Baloo.

He had been recovering from surgery on his foot and was doing well. We went for a post-op appointment to check his sutures and while there the vet did a standard check on his heart and lungs. Everything looked great but he had some slightly wet poos and diarrhea earlier that morning so we were going to go home and feed him hay and water until his poos improved.

But we never made it home.

5 minutes before we got home, I heard a soft mewling noise that I thought sounded like a kitten crying. My husband was in the back holding Baloo’s carrier and I was driving. I woke my husband up and asked him if he had a video playing with a kitten on it (as he usually does) but he was asleep. I panicked and asked him to check on Baloo and when he did Baloo was lifeless. We turned around and sped back to the vet but he was already cold and far gone.

We were dumbfounded. Just an hour ago this guy was wiggling his nose and alert without any signs of deterioration.

The vet was as dumbfounded as we were and offered to do a full autopsy no charge because he wanted to know what happened as well.

Baloo had cardiomyopathy. His right side of his heart had failed him. He had this from birth and we had no idea.

In retrospect, there were possible clues. When he was younger and over stressed himself he would have seizures. We thought it was because he got overheated but now we think it was his heart.

There was really nothing we could have done differently. But we are in such pain knowing Baloo had such a short life. We got him when he was 6 months old and he didn’t live to his 2nd birthday.

The best chin I have ever owned. Adored people and attention. LOVED getting pet and scritched. Would mow down armies for a small piece of goji. Potty trained. Knew 3 words on command and listened. Never ran from us or barked at us. Popcorned every night and even played with our hands when he was excited. Gave 3 kisses to his pillows/blankets/toys or even our hands right before he got comfortable. Chirped to us at night whenever we would check on him early morning. Jumped on us. Would carry his favorite toys and sticks around the cage (upstairs and downstairs). Asked for rides to and from the windows by sitting by the cage doors and staring us down (we called them guided tours).

Such a perfect little chinny with a perfect personality. I have owned chins most of my life now and he was my one true heart chinny.

There will never be another one like him and we are in so much pain in his absence. We love you and miss you every day, Baloosie.

7-6-21 to 5-15-23

I am so sorry, he sounded like such a sweet boy 💔 I'm super sure that he's making friends over the rainbow bridge and watching out for you guys. Popcorn free Baloo