Going away?


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Apr 23, 2021
hi! so i’ve had my chin for around a year and a half and have only gone on a trip once since i’ve had her. i left her with a caretaker then, so she was well cared for. she’s suuper attached to me and has somewhat of a separation anxiety thing with me. in mid october of this year i’m going to study abroad for around 4-5 weeks, and i’m worried about leaving her. she’s my only chin and heavily relies on me, so i’m not sure what to do. my family will be taking care of her while i’m away and will be giving her daily playtime and doing everything i normally do. she doesn’t like other people and is rather aggressive to them. i guess i’m worried she might get depressed? is it possible? i don’t want her to get sick or sad while i’m away, so if anyone has any advice that’s be great. i’m also going to be leaving for a few days in a couple weeks, but i’m not too worried since i’ll be back quickly.

thank you everyone!!


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May 7, 2012
The only thing I can really think of would be to have the person or persons that will be caring for him do so even before you leave so she gets use to having someone other then you caring for her before you are gone. Also, I know it sounds silly, but you can also try video chatting with her when you are gone too. I know chins, mine included, enjoy watching tv so it's worth a try if it's possible, it can't hurt anyway.

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