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Gonna keck your butt ;)
Sep 15, 2010
My fiance's grandmother died last night. I met her quite a few times, had dinner and chatted etc. I am very close with my in laws. I will be going with my fiance to the funeral. The problem is that the funeral is 400 miles away. We are leaving saturday so we can make it for the calling hours on sunday and then funeral monday morning.

I am freaking out because I have never left my chins for this long. It will be 4 days. My brother is going to check on them once a day and give them anything they need. I will be leaving lots of pellets and extra water bottle. He is coming over tonight so I can explain things to him. They will have A/C.... So he will be checking on them to make sure nothing is wrong... I am still just so worried. Should I be this crazy about this??

I feel guilty for even saying this, but I wish I didn't have to go. I love my fiance and his parents, but I didn't know his grandmother all that well. I will be missing two days off work (Mon and Tues) and it's not much trouble because I work for family and hardly EVER take time off.

My fiance came to my grandmother's funeral and he never met her. Of course it was in our hometown so it was only for a couple of hours. I guess the main thing is that I support him. I feel horrible even thinking that I don't want to go. I should support him when he needs it. What do you guys think about this? Should I make a list for my brother when he checks on the chins?
Im so sorry to hear about your finace's grandmother, i would make a list for your brother and you can always ring him to make sure everything is ok with your chinnies. Every now and then me and my bf go and see his family for a week and i know how horrible it feels to leave your chinnies (my mom looks after them) and i think as long as your brother knows what to do he will be fine. When you get back you can give your chinnies lots of fuss (i always end up buying something new :S)
they will be fine. just write everything down. i go so far as to individually bag any items that some of my boys get different than the others. i am very specific about what they get. i always have at least 1 extra water bottle on hand. i also minimize opening the cages to just refilling food as to avoid any issues. have all supplies out and labeled. buy some haycubes if you dont have just to give them a little extra to munch on and my number 1 rule is to check each and every cage before leaving in case they were not latched properly!
my number 1 rule is to check each and every cage before leaving in case they were not latched properly!

Definitely! This is one of my biggest concerns actually :p I will definitely remind him of this...

Also, I am going to have my brother call me when he's at my house so I can ask him a few questions. Make sure my babies are alright. :p

I am gonna make things as easy as possible for him.

Thanks for the advice guys!
Besides the vet's number and my cell phone number, I always have an official document that authorizes Alameda East to "Perform any service/operation, up to and including euthanasia if it is deemed necessary by Dr. Fitzgerald", along with my credit card number and a signed authorization that allows them to use the card for payment. I name all 3 of the chins in the form, since they have all been seen previously for the purpose of establishing a relationship, to cover any contingency.

A little over the top, but better safe than sorry. The friend with whom I exchange chin sitting chores does this as well. We believe that nothing will ever go wrong since we have covered all our bases!!!
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as long as someone is checking on them they should be fine. I have left for a week before and just had someone pop in once a day. to feed, water and check