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House Hobo
Aug 23, 2013
Outside of KC, MO.
Not as bad as the title sounds. Mr. Batou, my Great Pyrenees is huge. It's impossible to find a halter for him...even harder to find collars.

The other night I almost bought him a doggie costume though. Almost. It was the Staypuft Marshmallow Man. Perfect for a giant white dog. So, I got out the tape and was measuring him.

47" chest.
36" neck.


Costume not going to happen.
You might want to check out goat/cow/horse halters and collars. I have seen those used before on really big dogs.You can also buy the nylon webbing /buckles and make your on. There also a few people( search web for custom dog collars) that I'm sure could make one to fit. Good luck.Those big white polar bears are gorgeous!
I read the title and immediately thought of Clifford.

I like the goat/cow/horse idea for the halter and collar.

But now I'm thinking of costumes for cows... Like, if I had a cow... and this cow could communicate with me in a way I could understand. And it said "I wanna dress up for Halloween..." Then what?

I totally see the goat as a British WWII pilot.

I think the horse would be either a dinosaur or a hockey goalie.


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I love little dogs, but I so love big dogs too. And that's a BIG dog.

I thought finding a collar to fit my little chihuahua was hard... lol (usually have to get a kitten collar) I couldn't imagine finding one to fit him.

I agree, might have to find someone online to make one for him. There used to be a member on here that made custom collars, leashes, bandanas, etc for dogs. Don't know if they still do and I can't remember who though, but maybe someone else will. I just remember buying one for my dog.